Diamond of the Sea.
A symbol of comfortable and pleasant Hospitality; that they will make their demurrage an unforgettable experience, offers him a combination of family atmosphere and Salinas's warm climate.


  Nuestra Familia


The Inn offers him a wide range of services like: pool, wide and luminous spaces for their moment of rest, inside a welcoming atmosphere.

The birth of our Inn is due to that so much to my husband as to my we like to know other people, its customs, and thanks to this business we have made big friends and working together more us to united.

Our Inn initially was a family property where we enjoyed withour children, until one day my I engage I ask if I would like to transform our house into inn; in a beginning the idea doesn't please myself, but the he/she made me see that it was one in the ways of more time being together. What I please myself and we decide to attempt it.

This Inn was born on the year 2005, and until today's day we think that it was the best decision in our lives, and here we are proud receiving our clients and happy of being able to work together, also enjoying Salinas's beautiful beaches during the whole year.

Pool. Click to enlarge